The real great people are the ones who are at top,but still know how to be the common people

Time: 2018-02-02
In a dirty and messy waiting room, a tired old man sat on the seat by the door.When the train pulled in,the ticket punching began.The old man stood up in no hurry,ready to go to ticket punching entrance.Suddenly,a fat old lady entered the waiting room.She carried a large suitcase,obviously riding this train.But the suitcase was so heavy that she was out of breath,seeing the old man,the fat old lady shouted at him,hi old chap,carry the suitcase for me and i will give you a tip awhile.The old man carried the suitcase and headed for the entrance with the fat old lady.
Hardly were the ticket punched and they just got on when the train had started.The fat old lady wiped off the sweat and said luckily,Thanks to you,or i will surely miss the train.Then she fished out one dollar and handed it to the old man,who took it with a smile.At that moment,the conductor went along.Hi,Mr Rockefeller,welcome to ride this train.what can i do for you please?
No thanks.i just made a three day hiking,and now i am going to return to New York headquarters,the old man replied politely
What Rockefeller.the fat old lady exclaimed,my god,i even let oil tycoon Mr Rockefeller carry the suitcase for me and give him one dollar tip.What was i doing?She hurriedly apologized to Rockefeller and pleased him to give back the tip to her in awe.
Madam,you needn't apologize.for you did nothing wrong at all.Rockefeller said with a smile, this one dollar was what i earned,so i took it.With the words.Rockefeller put the dollar into his pocket solemnly
The real great people are the ones who are at top,but still know how to be the common people. 

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