Excellent quality story - 3

Time: 2018-02-05
We have gone tent camping every year for the past 7 years with my sister and her family. We always camp in State Parks but try a different one each year. This allows us to see the state cheaply as State Parks are relatively inexpensive. We also try to pick a park near a Walmart, just in case. On our first camping trip, our daughter was 8 months old. The following year, our second daughter was only 2 months old. This year, our third daughter will make her first trip at 3 months old. It’s just as easy to mix formula outside as it is to mix it in a hotel room. Camping is a great way to spend time without tv’s, computers, and video games. It shows kids (and husbands) that there are other things to do that don’t require electricity – like hiking, fishing, swimming and just getting to know each other all over again. 

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