The Warmth From A Foreign Land

publisher: Nancy
Time: 2018-03-07
Summary: In May 2017, I had the honor to meet my client, Susie. Since then, our story started......
The Warmth From A Foreign Land
In May 2017, I had the honor to meet my client, Susie. Since then, our story started.
Susie is a very thoughtful client, who is still in the exploratory stage in the outdoor industry. I was asked a lot of questions about the production technology and styles every day, which also prompted me to acquire a lot of new professional knowledge.
Finally, Judy demanded a sample to see the results of our designs. I selected colors for her (Attempt to meet the requirements of Paris Fashion Week with my countrified aesthetic). However, she was not satisfied with the first sample. We discussed for further exchanges, and made the improved sample again and again. During the entire proofing process, I deeply felt her caution and delicacy. Of course, if it hadn't been for her prudence, we wouldn't have made the work perfectly finished.
The entire order was followed up by Peter who let the things went smoothly and flawless, and the delivery and product quality were also well guaranteed. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Peter here!
At the end of the progress, the client asked me if I knew the photographer and whether I would make the manual. Thus I was on the run to collect information, consulting the company's experts in this area in order to prepare the most comprehensive information for her reference. To my relief, she was very satisfied with our design at the end.
Surprisingly, I received her bouquet a few days ago, which reflects not only her gratitude towards me and Peter, but also her belief in Eaglesight. It is Eaglesight Team's unity and effort that let the client experience the warmth from a foreign land.

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